Lauren W. - Livingston Central High School


STLP Manipulated Image


Title - Inner Beauty


Original image


Manipulated Image

Manipulated Image

Steps to creating “Inner Beauty” 
1.) I took the original photo on snap chat on October the 5th 2018, with an IPhone 8. 
2.)On Snapchat I chose the VHS lens then took my picture. 
3.)I then edited my original picture by zooming in so it was only my face. 
4.) I then downloaded an app called photo lab to help further more filter my face. 
5.) Once I was finished manipulating my picture I had to come up with a unique name that would relate too the audience. 
6.) I chose the title to be “Inner Beauty” because flowers are absolutely beautiful. The manipulated image allows the the audience to see that the outside appearance is not as beautiful as the inner beauty that everyone possess.