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Title - Ray of Sunshine

Student - Olivia H.

School - Livingston Central High School


STLP Olivia

Manipulated Image


Olivia STLP



Ray of Sunshine

            In life we have our good days and we have our bad. We get up every morning and complete our day whether we go to school, work, or any other tasks. Some wake up so early that the sun is just rose, and they get to see the wonderful works of God bright and early in the morning. Whether you get up early in the morning we all experience the sun set. There is nothing like driving home and seeing the sky looking so fluffy and bright even if you have had such a dark day. It brightens the dullness after that long hard day. It makes you realize that there is so much more to life than work, money, education, although those are big factors there is so much more. We were placed on this Earth all uniquely created by Gods hands. Every single person on this Earth is so unique and so beautiful in their own way. God doesn’t make mistakes and if you stand back and look you will realize that he doesn’t. God created this amazingly beautiful world that each and every one of us gets to live on temporarily. This project has helped me realize how you can take something so beautiful and customize it to something just as beautiful and unique with just a few buttons.

            For this project I was out on a run and saw the gorgeous sunset after a long day and it inspired me to use this image. I started out with the original image, no filters or edits previously done to it. I used a app on my MacBook called “Photo Editor Lite Movavi” that’s where I did all the editing. First, I imported the image into the app and clicked on the “adjust” tab. It displayed several different editing tools such as Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue, Temperature, Tint, Exposure, Gamma, Highlights, Shadows, Blur, and Sharpness. Although I didn’t use all the tools I played around with all of them to see what difference they made to the image. I turned the Brightness -50 which darkened the photo and made the colors of the sky pop more. I then turned the Contrast to +50 which gave the clouds more definition and toned down the brightness that the image still casted off. I also turned the Saturation to +45 which brought all the color into the image, without the Saturation the image looked very dull, but it brightened up the orange and made it pop. The last thing that I did was turn the Highlights to +85 which really gave the image a more natural look allowing it to not look too edited.

            I love way this image turned out after editing it. This project really helped me get more perspective and pay more attention to images. Every image is unique in its own way kind of like people! Doing this project has made me want to take more images and try editing them in my own way and see the difference.