Kenzie's Manipulated Image Product

Title - Dark Night

Student - Kenzie Croft

School - Livingston Central High School



STLP Mckenzie


Manipulated Image



Dark Night

One night while coming out of Cracker Barrel I saw a beautiful sky and instantly thought I needed to capture this beautiful view. I chose this image because I fell in love with how the original version of it looked and knew that if I messed with it a little it would be so much better.


     I first started editing this picture by messing with the Vignette and changing it to -15. I edited the whole image with just the effects of my camera. Next I did Noice Reduction +72, After that I did Definition +64, Sharpness +63,Tint -94,Warmth -72,Vibrance -65,Saturation +56, Black Point -6, Brightness -32, Contrast +27,Shadows -10, Highlight +100, Brilliance +70, my final edit was Exposure -32. This is my exact steps on how I messed with a beautiful image and turned it into something that I fell in love with.


    I am just in love with how this image turned out after just messing around and doing a few different things. This project has inspired me to keep taking images that I think are beautiful. This project was actually very calming and enjoyable.