Live Red @ Home Days


Live RED

Please click your grade level to access the Live Red at Home packet. Each day, there are pencil/paper options and online options that you may choose from in order to complete the assignments.  If you have questions, please contact your child's teacher. (contact info on the cover page of the packet)

There will be someone in the office if main roads are clear.  You may call the office with questions, 270-988-4000.  

You may also reach Mr. Mott questions at  E-mail will be checked frequently on Live Red at Home Days. 


Live RED @ Home Days


Kindergarten Days 1-5 Days 6-10
1st Grade  Days 1-5 Days 6-10
2nd Grade Mrs. Johnson Days 1-5 Days 6-10
3rd Grade Mrs. Owens  Days 1-5 Days 6-10 
4th Grade Mrs. Doyle Days 1-5 Days 6-10
5th Grade Mrs. Hardin & Ms. Vaughan Days 1-5 Days 6-10