Technology Purchases



Livingston County School Employees can receive special pricing on the purchase of a Dell PC! You can purchase standardized KETS configurations and the new IDU systems at institutional pricing. You can also purchase consumer models such as the Dimension Desktop & Inspiron Notebook lines. As a Livingston County Schools employee you will receive 2% - 12% off consumer pricing based on the system warranty you select.





Microsoft Student Select Program

Students as well as district faculty and staff can now purchase Microsoft software at educational-discounted prices. KDEs new Academic Select Agreement with Dell and Microsoft includes Microsoft's Student Select program; eAcademy has set up a website for purchasing software through this program.

If you are interested in purchasing Microsoft software, go to and select the product you are interested in purchasing. The process requires authentication of eligibility for purchase. For employees, their or email address is used for authentication. For students and others without a institutional assigned email address, other authentication documentation is required.