Livingston County Schools
Filtering Policy & Information

Livingston County School District requires a copy of the Acceptable Use Agreementsigned by both the student and guardian, to be on file for each student using school computers.   In compliance with Senate Bill 230 and 701 KAR 5:120, activity logging and filtering capability is provided by Microsoft Proxy Server software as a tool to assist in the implementation of the Acceptable Use Agreement.  IPrism filtering software has been installed on the district Internet proxy server at the central office to provide a working list of web sites to be filtered.   Teachers may request sites to be added or removed from the filtering list by sending a message to the Network/Systems Administrator with the address of the site to be added or removed.  Unless the request conflicts with the filtering policy, sites will be added or removed upon the request by a teacher.  All Internet activity from every workstation is recorded and monitored by User Name, computer used, files accessed, and time.


Filtered Sites

Sites being filtered include any that may enable a student to violate the Acceptable Use Policy, including those containing pornographic, violent, criminal, or other Non Educational related materials.  Also included  are sites providing email or chat access.  In order to effectively block these materials, some popular sites with educational content must also be blocked, because they contain methods of bypassing filtering software and enabling students to access materials in violation of the Acceptable Use Agreement, including email and chat capabilities.  Where there is a conflict between a teacher request for access and the district filtering policy, attempts will be made to implement alternative methods of accessing the desired materials without compromising the filtering process.  

Filtered Stations

All computers with access to the Internet are subject to filtering, and all activities are logged by the proxy server software.   Computers used exclusively by staff in a secure location may be exempted from filtering  (but not from logging) upon request, with the understanding that the staff member making the request is responsible to prevent any student from using that computer.